Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Lost World Neanderthals

These Lucid Eye Neanderthals, which I have just completed, will be one of the many tribes living on the South American plateau explored by the Challenger expedition.  I envisage my plateau as being quite large (something like the size of the Isle of Wight) so I will locate the different tribes on different parts of the plateau, perhaps using Vectis as a guide.  These Neanderthals, being cave dwellers will be located on the Southern, rockier, side of the plateau.

I have all the Atlanteans, Jaguar people and Amazons at various stages of preparation so will maybe do some of them as the next tribe.  I have the Cro Magnon leader but not the other Cro Magnons yet. I may paint him next as he will need a similar palette to the Neanderthals and I have already got those paints out.

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