Friday, 11 September 2009

First Sky Pirate

I have finished my first Artizan Sky Pirate and, I have to say that he was a complete delight to paint. I decided to follow the colour scheme of the ones on the website pretty much. There is no reason to do this as they are fantasy figures and I toyed with a more tan leather look but decided in the end that red was the quintessential pulp colour.

I even kept the lightning bolt symbol although, again, I thought about using the "Z" symbol of the Zombites from the Thunderbirds episode The Uninvited. This was, however, too much of a baddies symbol (at least for me) and I want the Sky Pirates to be goodies.

I have now undercoated and based all of the 12 Artizan figures I bought last month but now they have just come up with a great set of Russian type characters and I can see that I am going to have to get these too.
I will probably take the rest away with me when I go on holiday as I will want a change of pace from more Beja and indeed the British Rifle Brigade I am planning to get started.

I am still thinking about scenarios and am looking forward to the imminent (I hope) arrival of The Virtual Archair General's Astounding Adventures scenarios. I have been very pleased with everything that I have bought from TVAG lately (Sudan flags and sourcebooks) and have no reason to believe that this is any different. Anyway, it has such a great cover who could resist!

I might try and finish my first Nacht Jaeger this week..

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